The ID. Buzz Cargo.
El nuevo ID. Buzz Cargo

Datos técnicos

Gran compartimento de carga, funciones digitales y totalmente eléctrico: el nuevo ID. Buzz Cargo ofrece una movilidad comercial orientada al futuro para casi todos los sectores.

Gracias a sus impresionantes características, es capaz de hacer frente a casi todas las tareas de la jornada laboral. Desde la carrocería del vehículo, pasando por la zona de carga, hasta el avanzado accionamiento eléctrico, encontrarás todas las cifras importantes, dimensiones y datos de rendimiento del nuevo ID. Buzz Cargo aquí.

The dimensioned drawing of the ID. Buzz Cargo.

Largo, ancho, carga, etc. – los datos técnicos del ID. Buzz Cargo

Largo, ancho, carga, etc. – los datos técnicos del ID. Buzz Cargo<br>

Longitud del vehículo en mm


Longitud del vehículo con acoplamiento de bola en mm


Ancho del vehículo sin espejos exteriores en mm


Altura del vehículo en mm (H3)

1,932 – 1,953

Distancia entre ejes estándar en mm


Máximo volumen del compartimento de carga en m3

3.9 (1º fila de asientos con partición)

Load compartment floor length in mm (L1)

2,208 (with tailgate)

2,232 (with hinged doors)

Maximum loading width in mm (B1, B2)

1,732 (max. loading width between the wheel housings: 1,230)

Maximum loading height in mm (H4)


Height of load sill in mm (H2)


Maximum payload in kg

647 - 516

Maximum trailer weight in kg

1,000 (braked, at 12 % incline)

750 (unbraked)

Minimum turning circle in m (W3)


Kerb weight in kg

2,353 including driver


The electric drive: a high-tech vehicle for the future

Suitable for everyday use, dynamic and supplied on a carbon-neutral basis: the modern electric drive of the ID. Buzz Cargo is setting new standards for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The electric motor installed in the rear, as a particularly effective space saving measure, has a maximum output of 150 kW. The battery, with a net energy content of 77 kWh, ensures that you can drive up to 425 kilometres without recharging. Thanks to its impressive features, the innovative high-tech drive of the new ID. Buzz Cargo masters almost all everyday commercial challenges.

  • The ID. Buzz Cargo is loaded by a man.


    Fast charging, a large range and clever charging solutions ensure tremendous everyday practicality for commercial use: the lithium-ion high-voltage battery in the vehicle floor of the new ID. Buzz Cargo has a net energy content of 77 kWh (gross: 82 kWh). This means you can travel for up to 425 kilometres without using a charging station. The maximum capacity for regular (AC) charging, for example at wall boxes such as the ID. Charger, is 11 kW. For DC charging, the maximum charging capacity is 170 kW. To make the charging process even simpler, thanks to Plug & Charge, in future you will only need to plug in the charging cable and charging will commence. With this technology, your authentication details will be stored in the car once. The charging station will then automatically identify who you are, which makes the process far more convenient. This technology will be rolled out gradually using an ISO-certified standard, which means that more and more Plug & Charge stations will soon become available.

  • The ID. Buzz Cargo is parked at a charging station.

    Electric drive motor

    Dynamic throughout the working day: the innovative electric motor of the new ID. Buzz Cargo impresses with a maximum output of 150 kW. A lot of space has been saved by installing it on the rear axle which it drives. With a maximum speed of 145 km/h, the ID. Buzz Cargo is equipped to take on almost all the tasks of modern commercial mobility. Its powerful electric drive enables maximum trailer weights of 1,000 kg to be towed without any problems using the optional towing equipment. With an instant torque of 310 Nm, the ID. Buzz Cargo is also a very dynamic vehicle. It combines agility with manoeuvrability: thanks to its small turning circle of just 11.09 metres, the new ID. Buzz Cargo is also easy to drive through the narrow streets of a big city.

Configure your new ID. Buzz Cargo now

Innovative design and technology: the new ID. Buzz Cargo impresses with its large load compartment, many digital features and multi-functional details. Now it’s up to you to discover them. Have fun configuring.